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Sacred Geometry and Freemasonry - CompassesMasonic ritual places significant emphasis on the study of geometry. In that light, let’s explore a little. Sacred geometry has traceable roots in the ancient Egyptian and other cultures.  In the traditional teachings of sacred geometry it is believed that the sacredness of everything in the universe can be described in terms of geometrical patterns coming from the hand of God. Interestingly enough, the only tools needed in sacred geometry are the square and compass, Masonry’s most recognized and valuable symbols.

Grahame Gardner of the Geomancy Group says Sacred Geometry "deals with our perception and definition of space. It is the Universal framework whereby the spiritual manifests into the material."

Charles Gilchrist, a Sacred Geometry artist who has spent much of his life studying and teaching on this subject introduces Sacred Geometry in the following way on his website.

  1. "Sacred Geometry is the eternal visual language wrapped around the root concepts of the manifest universe. The archetypes and icons of geometry are absolutely perfect, unchanging, and timeless realities springing directly from God Mind."
  2. "The Universe is Vibration, and the principles of Sacred Geometry are directly correspondent to ALL wave form phenomena . . . ALL vibration. Science agrees, the Universe Is Vibration, and geometry IS vibration manifest on the visual, time/space planes."
  3. "Sacred Geometry defines the nature of Space and Time."

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Sacred Geometry & Freemasonry - Point within a CircleSacred geometry begins with a point. This singularity is a representation of the One. The simplest shape is then the circle, a manifestation of the One. The compasses are used to create this circle about the point. Imagine a circle around yourself and how it separates you from your surroundings. This is the true power of the circle, as a boundary between your Self and the Other, the limit of your being.

Sacred Geometry & Freemasonry - Vesica PiscisThe circle then divides. Another is generated and One becomes Two. The center of the second circle is located anywhere on the circumference of the first. The intersection of these two circles is known as the Vesica Piscis. If you can imagine these circles as spheres, the overlapping area in the center forms an oval or almond shape. This is how the Vesica Piscis gets its name. The translation from Latin is “vessel of a fish” or “bladder of a fish”.

This is the place of the “creative third”. It is both the synergistic union and unique manifestation of the original spheres. All further shapes in sacred geometry evolve from this fertile shape.

Sacred Geometry & Freemasonry - Vessel of the FishThis symbol flourishes in our culture. It is the shape of the Gothic arch and is found in many religious paintings. You may recognize the Christian symbol derived from the Vesica Piscis.

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